1. AA099, United States, Barber Quarter (25C) 1914-S, San Fran, Silver, Toned VF
  2. 1915 Barber Silver Quarter Coin 25c ANACS MS-61 (Better Coin)
  3. 1902 P Silver Barber Quarter Dollar (25C), PCGS MS 63 Secure Plus
  4. 1916-D Barber Silver Quarter, MS64, PCGS (CAC)
  5. 1896-S Silver Barber Quarter Grading GOOD/AG Nice Original Uncleaned Coin r21
  6. 1892 25C Barber/Liberty Head Quarter Certified PCGS MS64+ Silver Lustrous Look
  7. 1896-s Barber Quarter Ngc G 4- Key Date-silver- Rare- Discount-offers-circulated
  8. 1903 Barber Quarter Fun Facts
  9. 1908-O Barber Quarter Silver 25C PCGS MS63 Rainbow Toned
  10. 1911 Barber Silver Quarter 25c, NGC UNC Details, Choice BU Coin
  11. 1913-S 25c Barber Silver Quarter PCGS VG 08 PERFECT ORIGINAL
  12. 1896-S Barber 25C PCGS CAC Certified G06 Key Date San Francisco Silver Quarter
  13. 1913-S US Silver 25C Barber Quarter PCGS G4
  14. 1913-S Barber Quarter. 2nd rarest of the complete set
  15. Coin Roll Hunting Quarters Finally Found Silver
  16. 1913-s Barber Quarter Pcgs Ag-3 Cac 25c Silver About Good Almost 03trusted
  17. 1893 S Barber Half Dollar Rare Valuable Silver Coin 150
  18. 1907 Barber Silver Proof Quarter! Rare Key Date Gorgeous Toning Pcgs Pr64! #7457
  19. 1892 1916 Barber Silver Quarter Partial Set Missing 3 G Vg Fine
  20. 1914-D Barber Quarter Silver 25C NGC MS65 Bright White! Pop 33/7
  21. 1894 25c Silver Barber Quarter PCGS PR67 PQ Approved Proof toned ONLY 12 EXIST
  24. 1896 Philadelphia Barber Silver Quarter Proof PCGS PR64 Toned Old Holder
  25. 1914 Barber Silver Quarter-dollar About Uncirculated 357659-13
  26. 1916 Silver Barber Quarter 25c Choice AU+++ Details 90% Silver
  27. 1896-S Barber Quarter EF45 PCGS
  28. 1911 25c Barber Silver Quarter US Coin AU About Uncirculated
  29. 1892 Silver Barber Quarter In Choice Condition! Rare Bargain Find
  30. 1916 D Barber Quarter Pcgs Ms 63 Exceptional Luster And Excellent Rim Tone
  31. 1892 S Barber Quarter 25c Silver Vf++ Very Fine Plus (1821)
  32. 1892-P Barber Quarter PCGS AU58 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Strong Strike
  33. = 1892-S VF/XF BARBER Quarter, Nice Details, FREE Shipping
  34. 1905 Barber Quarter 25c Silver Ngc Certified Ms 61 Mint State Uncirculated (002)
  35. 1901-S Barber Quarter. Very Low Mintage. NGC G4, Key To Series. Low Mintage
  36. Barber Silver Quarter Collection 1892-1916 AG/VG (71 Coins) Missing 3 Coin #R764
  37. 1905-P AU-BU 25 Cent US Barber Silver Quarter Antique Old U. S. Currency Coin USA
  38. 1894-O Barber Quarter NGC XF-40 with Colorful Toning
  39. 1909-D 25C Barber Quarter NGC MS62 Choice/Gem Uncirculated
  40. 1892-O Barber Quarter NGC MS-65. Lustrous and Well Struck
  41. 1896-S Barber Quarter G / VG Details Full Rims Cleaned Rare Key Date
  42. 1943 Silver Quarter
  43. Silver Quarters Everywhere
  44. 1906 Barber Quarter PCGS AU-53. A virtually untoned AU
  45. 1901-S Barber Quarter PCGS VG-8 CAC
  46. 1898-S AU53 Barber Quarter 25c, ICG Graded AU
  47. 1909-O Barber Quarter PCGS MS64 Amazing Semi-Key Date Well Struck Beautiful 25c
  48. 1901-S Barber Quarter NGC AU55
  49. 1897 S Barber Silver Quarter Key Date XF+ Extremely Fine dets
  50. 1915 25C Barber Quarter (51719)
  51. 1899 Barber Quarter ANACS AU 55 Details (Cleaned) #M046
  52. 1913-D Good Barber Quarters Lot Of 90% Silver 50-Coins #M185
  53. Silver Barber Quarters 4 Crh Silver Halves Redbook 2012 5 Star Note
  54. 1892-S Barber Quarter NGC VF-30. Better Date and Fairly Tough
  55. 1916-D Barber Quarter 25C, About Uncirculated AU
  56. Early American Coin Pickups Seated Liberty Barber Mercury Dimes And More
  57. 1902 Barber Silver Quarter Dollar Full Liberty Higher Grade Coin
  58. (Roll of 40) Silver Barber Quarters, Nice Average Circulated/Better, Free S/H
  59. 40 Barber Quarters 90% Silver 1892-1916 ($10 face 1 roll)
  60. 1892-1916 Silver Barber Quarter Set Near Complete 66 Coins (only missing 8)
  61. Trade For A Barber Quarter
  62. 1912 Barber Quarter PCGS AU-55
  63. 1894 barber quarter, nice toned AU
  64. 36x Standing Liberty & Barber Quarters 90% Silver Lot 1926-S 1930-S
  65. Rare 1897s Barber Quarter Key Date Found Metaldetecting
  66. 1913 S Barber Quarter Pcgs Fine Cleaned Detail Rare Coin
  67. 1892 Barber Quarter Unc Details (#19978)
  68. 1916-D Barber Quarter PCGS AU58 #ANA12
  69. 1896-S Barber Quarter 25C NGC VG Details Rare Key Date Certified Coin
  70. 1913-S Barber Quarter 25c NGC G6 Key Date. Nice Patina. Mintage of only 40,000
  71. 1899 S 25c Barber Quarter Pcgs Au-55
  72. 1901 S Barber Quarter
  73. 1892 Barber Quarter NGC MS62
  74. 1893-O 25C Liberty Head Barber Quarter Dollar AU58 NGC CAC 2663783-010
  75. 1914-D MS64 NGC GEN 2.0 CAC Barber Quarter 25c SCARCE OLD NGC FATTY PQ
  76. 1914-S Barber Quarter 25c NGC F 15 Very Scarce
  77. 1895-O Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified ICG MS64 (BU UNC) $1,310 Value
  78. 1913-S Barber Quarter 25C PCGS G4 (Good) Rare Key Date Certified Coin
  79. 1901 Silver Barber Half Dollar PCGS PR64 Superb Bright White SKU56899
  80. Near Complete 90% Silver Barber Liberty Quarter Whitman Set 1892-1916 3 Missing
  81. 1913-S Barber Silver Quarter ANACS VG-8
  82. Bag of $100 Face 90% Silver Barber Quarters Circulated
  83. 1896 S Barber Silver Quarter certified VF 25 by PCGS! Only 188,039 minted
  84. Rare Quarters Worth Money Silver Coin Giveaway Winners Announced
  85. 1892-O Barber Quarter NGC MS-65. Lustrous and Well Struck
  86. 1901-s 25c Barber Quarter PCGS G6 Key Date
  87. 1901-S 25C Barber Quarter PCGS VF-20
  88. 1897-p Barber Quarter Ngc Ms-61 25c Silver Uncirculated Bu Unc Trusted
  89. Roll of Barber Silver Quarters 25c CULL $10 FV (40 Coin) ECC&C, Inc
  90. Lot 40 1892-1916 Barber Liberty Head Quarters $1 90% Silver Collection Roll $10
  91. Full Date Roll 90% Silver $10 Face Value Obsolete Barber Quarters B12
  92. 90% Silver Barber Quarters 40-Coin Roll (Cull) SKU#168877
  93. Underrated 1906-O Barber 25c Quarter Net XF ToughCOINS
  94. Very Nice 1911 25c. Barber Quarter PCGS AU 58
  95. 1893-P Barber Quarter Nice AU/BU Nice Eye Appeal Strong Strike
  96. 1892 Barber Quarter PCGS AU58 #AMU1
  97. 1892 Barber Quarter PCGS AU58 #AHE11
  98. 90% Silver Barber Quarters 40-Coin Roll (Almost Good) SKU #13642
  99. SEALED $10 FV 90% Silver Quarters Lot of 1x Roll Washington Barber Roll P D S
  100. 1909 25C PCGS/CAC MS 64 Barber Silver Quarter
  101. 1899-O Barber Quarter 25C Graded by PCGS as AU-58
  102. 1902 Barber Quarter 25C Excellent Condition Nice Luster Rare Coin
  103. 1916-D Barber Quarter Dollar AU-58 ANACS RE3967 Vintage Gen II Holder
  104. Unboxing Barber Quarters Fakes Found
  105. 1914 Barber Silver Quarter PCGS AU 58 (1925316)
  106. 1892 Barber Quarter NGC AU-58
  107. 1904 PCGS PR66 Mintage 670 Crazy Colors Mirrored PROOF Barber Quarter 25C PQ+
  108. 1916-D Barber Quarter PCGS MS63 #APW12
  109. 1897-P Barber Quarter PCGS AU58 Great Eye Appeal Strong Strike
  110. US QUARTER TYPE SET 1835 BUST XF 1857 SEATED XF 1907o BARBER AU 1926 SLQ 1960
  111. Junk Silver Barber Quarter Roll From Ebay
  112. 1909 Barber Quarter PCGS AU55 Silver FREE SHIPPING! ORIGINAL! BLAST WHITE
  113. 1916 25C Barber Quarter PCGS AU-58
  114. 1896-S Barber Quarter Nice AG Key Date
  115. 1909 Barber Quarter 25c Pcgs Certified Ms 62 Mint State Uncirculated (337)
  116. 1896-s Barber Quarter, Key Date, Pcgs G4 Very Nice And Original
  117. Nice 1896 S Barber Quarter ANACS AG 3
  118. 1913 S 25c Barber Silver Quarter US Coin G 6 NGC
  119. Barber And Standing Liberty Quarters Metal Detecting
  120. 1907-S Barber Liberty Head Silver Quarter PCGS VF-35 Looks Under Graded
  121. My Us Silver Quarters Part 1
  122. Shotgun Roll 40 BARBER QUARTERS -90 % Silver, Mixed dates and Condition
  123. 1909 S Barber Quarter Pcgs Ms66 1 1909 Mint Set 15 18
  124. 1889 S Barber Quarter Anacs Vf-35
  125. 1913-s Barber Quarter, Key Date, Pcgs G4 Very Nice And Original
  126. 1899-S Barber Silver Quarter ANACS MS 60 Details Environmental (STAZKK)
  127. 1896-S 25c Barber Silver Quarter Dollar PCGS Good 6 G06 # 2640
  128. 1898 O Barber Quarter Ms 66 Pcgs Cac Lot 7320
  129. 1895-O Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified NGC AU Details Rare Date
  130. 1901-s Barber Quarter, Key Date, Pcgs Ag03 Very Nice And Original
  131. 1913-S Barber Quarter 25C PCGS VG Details Rare Key Date Certified Coin
  132. Metal Detecting Ilinois Fairgrounds Part 6 Silver Dimes Walking Barber Quarters
  133. 1913-D Barber Quarter PCGS AU-58 in an OGH! Better Date
  134. 1908-D MS63 Barber Quarter 25c, NGC Graded, Colorful Toning
  135. Huge us coin and silver lot bullion mercury dimes barber quarters indian heads
  136. 1916-D Barber Quarter Uncirculated ANACS MS-62
  137. 2- 1901-s, Barber Head Silver Quarters, Pcgs Ag-03, Anacs Fr-2- See Other Coins
  138. 1915 D Barber Quarter Ms64 Pcgs Coin Showcase
  139. 1898 Barber Quarter Toned Unc (#19722)
  140. 1897-S Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified PCGS VF Details Rare Date
  141. 1903 Barber Quarter 10 In Average Condition 550 In Certified Mint State 90 Silver
  142. Pcgs Grading Peace Dollars Barber Coins And One That Came Back In A Body Bag
  143. Grading Barber Quarters
  144. 1913-S PCGS MS66 Mintage 40,000 Lowest Barber Quarter 25C
  145. 1896 S 25c Barber Quarter 90% Silver US Coin G 4 NGC
  146. 1909-D Barber Quarter, Reverse Rainbow, Brilliant Uncirculated+ Silver 25c
  147. 1916-D Barber Quarter, Lustrous White Choice Uncirculated++ Silver Quarter
  148. 1911 Barber Quarter NGC MS-63
  149. 1915 Barber Silver Quarter PCGS AU-58 Looks MS-62+
  150. 1908-p Barber Quarter Ngc Au-58 25c Silver About Uncirculated Unc Trusted
  151. 1892-P Barber Quarter 25c Toned Silver Philadelphia High Grade (B100)
  152. 1916-D Barber 25C PCGS Certified MS67 Denver Mint Silver Quarter
  153. Value U0026 Rarity Of Barber Dime Quarter U0026 Half Dollar
  154. 1915 P Barber Silver Quarter, NGC MS62, beautifully struck INV12 G1218
  155. 1897-P BARBER QUARTER Very Nice to Choice BU Free U. S. Ship #15B54
  156. 1916 D Barber Quarter Pcgs Au58 Super Slider Silvery Centers Clear Gold Rimtone
  157. FULL DATES Roll of 40 $10 Face Value 90% Silver Barber Quarters
  158. 1910 25C Barber Quarter NGC AU-58 Premium Quality
  159. 1892-P Barber Silver Quarter PCGS MS62 (011)
  160. 1897 S Barber Quarter 22 In Average Condition 1 583 In Certified Mint State As Of May 2019
  161. 1913-D Barber Quarter PCGS AU-55. Better Date with CAC approval
  162. 1915 Barber Quarter Ngc Ms 62 Shimmereing Silver Centers With Dusted Charcoal
  163. Survival Money 1892-1916 Barber Quarters 90% Silver Circulated Lot of 50 Coins
  164. 1907-S Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified ICG MS64 (BU UNC) $2,310 Value
  165. 90% Silver Barber Quarters 40-Coin Roll Good/Better SKU #5187
  166. 1896-S Barber Quarter 25C AG Details Rare Key Date Coin
  167. 1892 PCGS MS64 Barber Quarter
  168. 1897 Barber Quarter Cameo Proof, PCGS PR 67 CAM Strong Black/White Contrast
  169. Price Drop! 1908 D Barber 25C NGC MS61 Nice tone silver coin quarter nice color
  170. 1911 Barber Quarter Silver 25C MS 63+ Plus NGC
  171. 1892 PCGS MS66 Barber Quarter
  172. Metal Detecting March 8th 2013 Barber Quarter War Nickel Rosie Buffalo U0026 Sterling
  173. 1908 D Barber Quarter 25C PCGS AU53 Silver Liberty Head Coin
  174. What Will It Grade Barber And Walking Liberty
  175. 1892-p U. S. Silver Barber Quarter Ngc Graded Ms62 Toned! $2.95 Max Shipping
  176. 1894-O Barber Quarter, PCGS MS-62 Nice Strike FANTASTIC Original Look kos
  177. 1892 Barber 25C ANACS Certified MS62 Choice Original Toned Surfaces
  178. 1892-O Barber Quarter Better Date Scarce DDO FS. 101 Very Pretty AU+ Coin
  179. 1892 25C Barber Quarter NGC MS61
  180. 1892 Barber 25C NGC CAC Certified MS62 US Mint State Graded Silver Quarter Coin
  181. 1894 25c Barber Quarter NGC MS 61
  182. 1913-S Barber Quarter CAC Sticker PCGS VG08 Superb Eye Appeal Nice Strike
  183. 1904-O Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified ICG AU58 $780 Value
  184. 1899 S 25c Barber Quarter Pcgs Au-55
  185. 1914 Barber Quarter Pcgs Ms 61 And Cac Super Original And Nice For The Grade
  186. 1896-S Barber Liberty Head 25C Quarter Circulated Example STRONG DATE See Pic
  187. 1909-o U. S. Silver Barber Quarter! Pcgs Graded Vg10! $2.95 Max Shipping
  188. 1916 D Barber Quarter Ngc Ms 61 Crisp And Lustrous With A Hint Of Golden Tone
  189. 1896-S 25c Barber Quarter KEY DATE About Good with FULL GOOD obverse
  190. 1908-D MS63 Barber Quarter 25c, NGC Graded, Colorful Toning
  191. 1896 S 25c Barber Quarter PCGS G 4
  192. 1896-S Barber Quarter PCGS FR-02
  193. 1916 MS65 Barber Quarter PCGS Certified Gem White/Light Gold Toning
  194. 1916-D Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified ICG MS64 (BU UNC) $425 Value
  195. Barber 90% Silver Quarter lot With (400 Barber Quarters) $100 Face Value
  196. 1907-O Barber Quarter CERTIFIED NGC MS 61 Silver 25c
  197. 1908 S 25c Barber Quarter 90% Silver US Coin XF EF Extremely Fine
  198. 1910 D Barber Quarter (AU+ & Attractive)
  199. 1892 25C Barber Quarter ANACS MS62 Beautiful Toning! PQ
  200. 1913-S 25C Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dollar VG08 PCGS 36332716
  201. 1892 25C Barber Quarter PCGS MS63 Rainbow Toned
  202. 1913 25C Barber Quarter Dollar Proof PR64 PCGS
  203. 1913-S Barber Quarter PCGS G04 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike
  204. 1913-S Barber Quarter PCGS AG03 Key Date Nice Eye Appeal
  205. 1914-D Barber Quarter PCGS MS64
  206. 1907-O Barber Silver Quarter Dollar 25C NGC MS 62 RARE HIGH GRADE LOW MINTAGE
  207. Colorfully Toned 1916-D Barber Quarter NGC MS63 Old Fatty Holder #CJS136
  208. 1906-1916 Barber Quarter Set of 28 Silver Coins in Album Includes Better Dates
  209. 1896-O Barber Quarter PCGS VF-20 with a CAC sticker! Tough date, very pleasing
  210. Barber Quarters Set 1892-1916 86-Over 2 Rolls. 90% Silver Coins 29 Diff. Coins
  211. 1915-D Barber Silver Quarter NGC MS 63
  212. 1896 S Barber Quarter Key Date PCGS AG03 Certification# 36321666
  213. 1902 25C Barber Quarter (Proof) ANACS PF-60 Grand Appeal! Beautiful Rainbow
  214. 1897-S Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified PCGS XF Details (EF) Rare Date
  215. 1899 25c Proof Barber Quarter PCGS PR 63
  216. 1916-D US Silver 25C Barber Quarter PCGS MS65
  217. 1908-S Barber Quarter PCGS Graded AU58 SKU#17552
  218. 68 Barber Quarters in Vintage Album Only Lack 6 1892-1916 Excellent Set Q4AT
  219. 1901-S Barber Quarter PCGS AG03 Key Date Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike
  220. 1903 NGC PR65 Mintage 755 Beautiful Deeply Mirrored Proof Barber Quarter 25C
  221. 1916-D 25c Barber Quarter PCGS MS65 Gold CAC Rattler
  222. 1898 MS64 Barber Quarter 25c, PCGS Graded, Rainbow Toned
  224. 1907 Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified ICG MS65 (BU UNC) $880 Value
  225. 1911-S Barber Quarter Silver 25C NGC MS65 Bright White
  226. 1892 Barber Quarter 25C Coin Certified ICG MS65 (BU UNC) $910 Value
  227. Barber Silver Quarter Collection 1892-1916 AG/VG (71 Coins) Missing 3 Coin R791
  228. Barber Quarters 1892 1905 Book #1 Almost Complete (revised Listing)
  229. 1892-1916 Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dansco Album Near Complete 54 Coins Silver
  230. Barber Quarter Album
  231. Barber Quarter
  232. CERTIFIED 1898-O 25C Barber Quarter PCGS AU53
  233. Barber Silver Dime Quarter And Half Dollar Know Your Coins
  234. 1914 S USA Barber Quarter PCGS VF Rare Low Mintage. 900 Fine Silver Nice Coin
  235. 1897-S 25C Barber Quarter (Very Fine, VF Condition)
  237. 1907 Proof Barber Quarter Graded PR 64 by NGC, Toned
  238. 1913-s Barber Quarter Pcgs Vg-10 Cac Approved
  239. Grading Barber Half Dollars
  240. 1896-S Barber Quarter 25C PCGS G6 Rare Key Date Certified Coin
  241. 1892 PCGS PR64 Non-Doctored 1st Year Looks PR65 PROOF Barber Quarter 25C
  242. 1894 PCGS PR64 Stunning Colors! Deep Mirrors Looks PR65 PROOF Barber Quarter 25C
  243. 1915 Barber Quarter 10 In Average Condition 400 In Certified Mint State Philadelphia Mint
  244. 1909-O Barber Quarter Dollar Choice VF-EF. So NICE & ORIGINAL, Super TOUGH Date
  245. 1913 25C Barber Quarter Dollar Proof PR64 PCGS Shield Toned
  246. 1913 S Barber Quarter 25c Solid Coin. Nice Grade VERY RARE
  247. 1912 Barber Quarter PCGS and CAC PR66CAM Proof Cameo WOW Coin! #AYS10
  248. Top 14 Most Valuable Barber Quarters Key Dates Errors And Varieties
  249. Barber Quarter And Mercury Dime For Ark2017
  250. 1896-S Barber Silver Quarter KEY DATE Very Good PCGS VG8 VG 8 Green CAC
  251. 1904 25C Barber Silver Quarter PROOF PCGS Gold Shield PR-64 TrueView Color
  252. 1914 PCGS PR64 Mintage 380 Lowest 1859-2019 PROOF Barber Quarter $1,495+ 25C
  253. 1898 25C PCGS MS66 CAC Barber Quarter
  254. Metal Detecting Video 64 Eleven Silver Coins Barber Quarter
  255. 1913-s Barber Quarter Dollar Good G Nice Original Coin Key Date From Bob's Coins
  256. Standing Liberty And Barbers Quarters Score At Lcs
  257. 1913-S Barber Liberty Head Quarter (ref#2)
  258. 1903 Proof Barber Quarter, NGC PF66
  259. 1909 -o Silver Barber Quarter Coin -very Fine Condition Key Date
  260. 1913-S Barber Quarter Super Low Mintage 40,000 Key Date Free Shipping USA
  261. 1895 25c NGC PR65 Barber Quarter (Multi Color Obverse withElectric Gold Reverse)
  262. 1901-S Barber Silver Liberty Head Quarter PCGS Certified VF
  263. 18921916barber Liberty Head Silver Quarterssetwhat Uc Is Exactly What U Get
  264. 1902 Barber Quarter. NGC PF 66, Proof. Great Tone. Very Rare
  265. 1897-O Barber Quarter PCGS MS-62! A tough date, very seldom offered
  266. 1896-S Barber Quarter PCGS VG-08, Nice Original Key
  267. 1904 PCGS PR66 CAC 670 Minted GORGEOUS $2,040 Ask PROOF Barber Quarter 25C
  268. Hunting 6 Boxes Of Quarters For The 2019 W And Silver
  269. SEALED $500 FV 90% Silver Quarters Box Lot 50 Rolls Washington Barber Roll P D S
  270. 1913-S Barber Quarter PCGS VG08 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike Nice Color
  271. 1913-S 25C Barber Liberty Head Quarter Dollar VG08 PCGS 36332715
  272. 1895-S 25C PCGS MS64+ Barber Quarter PLUS Graded Mostly White
  273. 1901-S Barber Quarter PCGS Graded G-4, KEY DATE. SKU#13962
  274. 1894 Barber Quarter CAMEO PROOF NGC PF 66 Blast White, Great PR Contrast
  275. 1903 Barber Silver Quarter Extremely Rare Magnificent Mirrors Ngc Proof 67 Cameo
  276. 1901-S Barber Quarter Silver 25C NGC G6 Rare Key Date